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Oregon Tuna Charters Deep Sea Fishing

washington oregon tuna charters Oregon Tuna Charters operates out of the Port of Ilwaco at the mouth of the Columbia River in Washington State. We are Washington and Oregon’s premier six pack tuna charter.  We offer a 39' high speed express 6-pack charter for tuna, halibut, salmon and bottom fish. We only run a max of six clients per trip to help us insure you have a quality fishing trip that you will never forget. Our boat is a custom built 39’x13’ pilot house walk around with three ultra quiet 300hp Mercury Verados four stroke outboards for a fast comfortable ride out. We fish for albacore tuna, halibut, salmon and bottom fish in the Pacific Ocean and we also provide a great option for those of you who can't get out on the ocean. We run river fishing trips in SW Washington and NW Oregon including the Columbia River and Port of Ilwaco. Whether you are a first time angler or seasoned pro just looking to try out some of the Pacific Ocean's best fishing, this is the trip for you. My goal as a captain is that you leave the boat a better angler than when you stepped aboard that morning. We offer both private trips and open seat day to insure everyone who wants to experience this great Albacore fishing can. Our Fishing Charter is truly a first class operation. You won't be disappointed when you step aboard for the fishing trip of a life time! Try it once and you will be "hooked" for life!

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Albacore Tuna Charters

Albacore fishing in Oregon is one of the most exciting fisheries you will ever experience! It's nothing like the salmon and steelhead fishing most of us are used to in the Pacific N.W. 
Oregon Albacore Tuna Fishing offers wide open bites and multiple hook ups which are very common in a day of tuna fishing in Oregon. There is no more "if" we are going to catch a Tuna today, but how many tuna are we going to catch today. 
Along with Albacore, Oregon Tuna Charters will also occasionally catch Pacific Blue Fin, Yellow Tail, Opah, Dorado, and many different species of sharks may be caught. 

Ways to Catch Tuna

There are many different ways to catch Tuna, from trolling, jigging and even live bait. We provide all of the best gear for each one of these different styles of catching Tuna. We also have a huge live bait tank built in the boat to pack lots of bait for everyone use. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the cost of a tuna fishing trip?

What do I need to bring, what do you supply? 

When Does the Washington & Oregon Tuna Fishing Season Begin?

Washington and Oregon Tuna Fishing starts between the end June and the beginning of July, as the warm water moves north along the coast. The Season in Washington & Oregon runs all the way through October this is when the cold winter storms start pushing the warm currents back south again. 

The early season is mostly a troll fishery as these fish are mostly on a squid based diet therefore the tuna clones work very well. As the season progresses, the troll fishing slows down and the light tackle fishing heats up resulting in a lot of running and gunning on schools of jumping tuna. This is when we get out the swim baits, iron and live bait and go to work. It can get wild with feeding tuna boiling all around the boat just waiting for you to drop a line in! 
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