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Our Tuna Trips

Deep Sea Tuna Fishing Charter

Oregon Tuna Charters offer the best six pack, high speed deep sea tuna fishing charter service. Our albacore tuna trips are typically 12 hours dock to dock, so no more long overnight boat rides out to the tuna fishing grounds.  Our cruise speed on average is nearly double your average charter of similar size. On our Tuna Charter we only take six anglers. We feel this makes for a more enjoyable trip and allows us to give the best possible day of tuna fishing as it's very typical to have multiple hook ups when we get into schools hungry Tuna. 

We offer all types of Tuna fishing trips including:

  • Trolling
  • Jigging
  • Live Bait Tuna Charters

The tuna season usually starts around the first week of July and most years will last into October. We start our season like most, trolling clones as most of the Tuna are on a squid based diet. We will still try our best to convert the troll bites into a light tackle stops if possible. 

As the tuna season progresses, we tend be able to get more bait and jig stops going where we will teach you the different techniques of jigging and swim bait fishing. By mid August, we have converted to mainly all live bait & jigging and casting at jumping Tuna, as they are chasing bait to the surface with very little trolling if any. 

So whether you own your own boat, or you are wanting to learn how to fish for the "great fighting fish" or a first time angler just wanting get into the sport,  we invite you to come along for a day of Tuna fishing you will never forget. 

Due to the high expense of offshore fishing trips, all of are tuna trips run with a 6 person minimum, meaning all 6 seats must be paid for each trip. If you do not have enough people to fill the boat please still call as I will put smaller groups together to fill all seats so you will not be left out.